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Privacy statement
The pages you are viewing comply with the Wizzfone privacy policy:
This site collects no personally identifying information about individuals except when specifically and
knowingly provided by such individuals.
We may use a "cookie" in the browser files of a user's access device. The cookie itself does not
contain personally identifying information although it will enable us to relate a user's use of our sites to
help us improve our services generally.
We do not sell our users' email addresses.
A valid email address must be provided by people paying for the Wizzfone service. This email address
will not be transmitted to other parties without user consent or specific action.
While we will seek to require third parties with whom we have agreements to follow appropriate privacy
policies, we do not bear any responsibility for any actions or policies of third parties.
Mail messages sent to Wizzfone staff or via the Wizzfone system may be monitored for legal and
quality of service purposes.
If you wish to use our products or services outside the EU, your information may be transferred outside
the EU to that country. Our web sites and those of our group companies may also be based on servers
located outside of the EU. Please note that the data protection and other laws of countries outside the
EU may not be as comprehensive as the laws of countries within the EU.
End user privacy policy
Your data is collected, stored and processed by Wizzfone Ltd. Wizzfone provides business and consumers
with WiFi services mobile payment wizzards.
By purchasing or using a the Wizzfone Wizzpay wizzard service, you consent to Wizzfone storing and
processing your personal information in line with this privacy policy.
Personal information (PI) is identifiable to an individual. For the Wizzfone system, this may include;
Mobile telephone number
Email address
Type of device used
Service or pages accessed
We also collect cookies, browser header information, IP addresses, date and time of access.
Arbitrary data encoded into a URL or web beacon - URL query string and campaign parameters, product
information, goods purchased, advertising campaigns clicked, web pages reached.
Wizzfone User ID or Token
This is a unique identification number that we use in order provide the Wizzpay service. A Wizzfone User ID on
its own is not personally identifiable.
It is created from cookies or local storage technology, browser header information, IP addresses and
information. We use it to accurately identify you in order to correctly process your transactions and deliver you
the best experience.
We don't collect or share, passwords, credit card, Paypal or other payment account information.
Disclosure to third parties
We never disclose your information to a third parties unless required by the law or without explicit prior
Your account
Wizzfone may suspend your use of our service where we suspect unauthorized or fraudulent use, pending
satisfactory clarification of the correct use of services at our sole discretion.
Use of cookies
Wizzfone never stores personal information within cookies or any other accessible location. A cookie is simply
associated with an anonymous Wizzfone User ID.
Most browsers (although not all) are configured to accept 3rd party tracking cookies by default. This can be
changed so that the browser rejects cookies, however, this may affect features on websites that use cookies to
deliver a great user experience.
Cookies expire three months after last seen by a Wizzfone product or service. This is to maintain the best
possible fraud prevention capabilities.
To decline use of cookies:
In your browser settings menu (sometimes within a submenu ‘Privacy’ or ‘Security’ or ‘Advanced’) there will be
an option or a check box for switching your Cookies on or off. Unselect the check box or turn it to ‘off’, ‘reject’
or ‘never’. For full instructions on how to disable cookies on your specific device, please refer to your
manufacturer’s instructions.
Right to access/object
You can delete an associated Wizzfone User ID at any time on your mobile phone.